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Raponce rouge et Grimm (France) Roten Rapunzel und Grimm (Deutsch)
Red Rapunzel & Grimm Order of the unicorn and the wolf Rode Rapunzel & Grimm (Nederlands)

Medieval sword fighting team.

They bring swordfight demonstrations at different events etc ...

The team likes to dress medieval historically correct or according to the wishes of the organizers of different events.

The team fights with two-hand metal long swords, short metal hybrid sword, wooden training swords, and long birch sticks ...

"Order of the Unicorn and the Wolf" (Red Rapunzel and Grimm)

  Medieval stunt sword fighting duo Sascha Grimm and Melissa Bistoen.

  Melissa and Sascha fight with: two-handed long swords, short bastard swords and also stick fights. Sascha Grimm also fights with the morning star, axes, shields and also does stunt fistfighting.

Melissa and Sascha perform their own stunt show fights.

The duo likes to give short and long demonstrations of sword fighting.

Short demonstrations of swordfighting can be spread out for a good day and are ideal for inserting between the breaks or dead moments of an event. They prefer to do long-term fights where medieval tournaments can be found ...

The duo would like to dress medievally or according to the wishes of the organizers etc

Background of the name Red Rapunzel and Grimm:

The name Red Rapunzel is not just chosen. Melissa naturally has long hair up to her knees. Often the children in the street or events called her already Rapunzel, so the name was quickly chosen. Many will know the story of Rapunzel. But some do not consider the name Rapunzel for contemporary re-enactors or swordsmen to be appropriate, especially in medieval re-enactment events. Because the fairy tale is not old enough, it does not seem medieval for some. Yet whoever does his or her homework a bit, will soon discover that Rapunzel goes back to Greek mythology. And through the Middle Ages people often come across stories about princesses who were locked up in high towers. Often in the Middle Ages the long hair of children was cut as a transition and a sign of maturity. In many cultures, traditions and religions, women were even forbidden to cut their long hair.

The name "Grim" or "Grimm"

Sascha Grimm was born in the imaginative Germany with the family name "Grimm".

At the age of one, his parents divorced and he immigrated with his mother and sister to the mysterious country of Belgium ....

The family name Grimm or Grim can already be found in the early Middle Ages.

The short version "Grim" already surfaced around 1100 and has always been from nobility. Only around 1300 a letter has been added. The family name with the double "MM" has always remained noble.

Only around 1812-1822 the name Grimm became very famous by the linguists and fairytale collectors Brimm Grimm.

The entire Grimm family from Hessen-Kassel helped with the great fairy tales and folktales collection of the Brothers Grimm. This was in the period 1700-1860. It was with certainty not only Jacob and Wilhelm who collected and invented all those fairy tales. They also had a brother and sister and many uncles and aunts who helped. Also neighbors and other relatives and friends helped with this. In Germany there is much more information about this.

Sascha Grimm are great-great-grandparents, about 200 years ago,

came from the same region Hessen-Kassel also from where the brothers

"Grimm" came from. .

They would also have helped with the world-famous fairy tales that we all know today

In any case, Sascha and Melissa as a sword fighting duo they enjoy a lot of fun with long-term fights and like to entertain the audience in a responsible manner.

Entertainment such as in the Middle Ages and contemporary. ...

(Tekst copyright by Sascha Grimm & Melissa Bistoen.)  

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We dress correctly dressed historically ...

Ore fantasy…

The arms of Red Rapunzel & Grimm.
2 hander long swords and 3 short 1hander swords and 2 wooden battle sticks out of birch wood  

Small medieval household goods from Red Rapunzel & Grimm

Medieval landsknecht / knight tent by Red Rapunzel & Grimm.

Dimension 4x4 meters, wall height 2m middle mast height 4m

A beautiful tent that is sponsored by de Zwaardridders van Sint-Joris

We like to use our own fencing for demonstrations of sword fighting.

With a diameter of 12 meters with a safety zone of 1.5 meters away for the public. We like to fight on a flat surface, short grass or sand ...




The order of the unicorn &  the wolf.

Wooden medieval market stall from Red Rapunzel & Grimm.
Hand made woodwork with adjustable roof system without metal parts. With canvas covering. Dimensions of the stall 2 meters wide, depth 2m and 2.10m height.

copyright picture’s ,tekst & layout by Studio Grimm  (sascha Grimm)

Raponce rouge et Grimm (France) Roten Rapunzel und Grimm (Deutsch)

Powerd by  Autoglas Grimm

Sponsored by and in cooperation  de zwaardridders van Sint-Joris

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