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Project wufca. A funny parodi stopmotion movie about the end of world war 2

Project G & G the cave. Adventure animation film

Illustrations. Hand made illustrations


Video. Video try out projects. Motion design,special effects,edit,regi,camera works.

Photography. Photography (page choice menu)

Copirinus comatus. Detail photography different perspectives

Boletus Boletales. Detail photography different perspectives

Lepidoptera Butterfly. culture & research

Lampyris Firefly. culture & research


Drosera sundew. Research habitat


Flowers & vegetable Macro photography

Fragaria vesca. Culture & research

Thunderstorms. Storm chasing @ Benelux ,Belgium,Netherlands,Luxembourg

Snow & ice. Examine different types of ice crystals in varying habitats


Model shoots. .

Inline skating Wednesday night skate Rotterdam every July & August.

Product photography. For commercial and 3D scan.

Expeditions & urbex. Expedition & urbex (page choice menu)

Firefly expedition @ Cote D’azur France. Expedition & research

Abandoned castle.  Urbex

World war places. Page choice menu

Caving. Expedition

Flieger horst. Urbex

Abandoned junkyard. Urbex

Topical & news. Highlights



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